Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The 120+ corrupted tobacco economists network - Part 21 of many

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Ryan C. Amacher

The Ogilvy and Mather report of a meeting held april 29, 1985 is interesting
Ryan C. Amacher

Ryan Amacher indeed signed the piece corrected by PR-firm Ogilvy and Mather

In 1988 Northwest Airlines became the first American airline company to ban smoking on domestic flights. Ryan Amacher wrote
Ryan C. Amacher

Even without checking Amacher's data it is obvious that the things he mentions are not related to a smoking ban. But where did his arguments come from? The Tobacco Institute's president Samuel Chilcote wrote a memorandum explaining how the tobacco industry responded to the announcement of the smoking ban
Samuel Chilcote
Ryan Amacher wrote exactly what the Tobacco industry wanted him to write.

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