Saturday, 8 August 2020

The corrupted tobacco economist network, Part 43: the one with the flawed papers, with revisions made by the Tobacco Institute

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Smoking and workplace efficiency: an assessment of the record

The comments of the Tobacco Institute on paper Smoking and Workplace Efficiency: An Assessment of the Record by Richard Wagner and Kevin Grier again illustrates to what extent the industry provided direction to the economists

[the rest of the document is missing]

Karen Fernicola Suhr was concerned about the validity of the arguments. She seemed to have been one of the few Tobacco Institute's employees who actually cared that the science was somewhat sound, and she was rather critical towards the output of the economists (another example will be given in another chapter below).

A follow-up memorandum from Karen Fernicola Suhr shows Wagner was willing to revise the paper

A few months later, Fernicola Suhr wrote

Even more interesting is the next paragraph

In other words, green light was given to a paper the industry knew to be flawed. Fernicola-Suhr wrote the authors

Richard Wagner and Kevin Grier revised their paper, incorporating the changes wanted by the Tobacco Institute 

Savarese billed $42,500 for the paper. No proof was found the paper ever was published.

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