Saturday, 11 July 2020

The corrupted tobacco economists network: Part 38 - the "scientific" output.

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Scientific output

As stated in a previous post the Tobacco Institute wanted scientific output, because it needed an academic ground to attack social cost. Even when the network was formed, the Tobacco Institute handed out grants.

In 1986 nine economists proposed for the money, though the evaluation of the proposals show James Savarese was not too pleased and Savarese, not the Tobacco Institute, proposed to reject a couple. Savarese's memorandum makes clear the research had to benefit the industry

Henry Butler's proposal was rejected because the industry was not sure his research would be beneficial for the industry

Henry N. Butler

More proof the Tobacco Institute did not tolerate output they disliked can be seen in a 1992 letter to James Savarese setting forth why The Economics of Smoking Bans by William Boyes and Michael Marlow was not funded 

In 1988 the industry must have ordered some social cost papers. The papers had to be reviewed by the Institute's lawyers before clearance

Again, this is not normal scientific behavior.

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