Monday, 6 July 2020

Corrupted tobacco economists network, Part 37: the last pro-tobacco book

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The economics of smoking (1991)

The industry paid Tollison and Wagner 87,500 US$ for a revision of "Smoking and the State".

The book was published by Kluwer Publishers in 1991 as "Economics of Smoking: Getting It Right". Notice the prominent place on the front page for the logo of the Center of Public Choice at George Mason University. This is indeed buying academic credibility ?

Again, the plan to promote the book was ready before the book was even published

The pattern is similar to the earlier books so giving more details would not provide new information.

The arguments used in the book often are pretty one sided and weak, e.g. when dealing with the time wasted by cigarette breaks

Who knew that these kind of activities were only done by non-smokers . . .

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