Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Not Evil Just Wrong still pretending Phelim McAleer was urged to stop filming at the COP15 in Copenhagen

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My site’s statistics suddenly show an influx from people coming through the ‘Not Evil Just Wrong’ site, and to my surprise on that site there’s a post still pretending Phelim McAleer was urged to stop filming at the COP15 when trying to interview Stephen Schneider.
Even though last year i already presented a video showing how McAleer’s editing altered reality. When you watch both videos (click the link) you’ll see :
1) The video Mcaleer presents "proves" he was removed from the press event with Stephen Schneider. The video shows Schneider getting agitated, a lady trying to take away the microphone from McAleer and security talking with McAleer.
2) Another video shot by the audience shows what really happened : McAleer heavily edited his video to make things look different :
  • Journalists were allowed to ask one question, or why the hostess was trying to take McAleer's microphone
  • At the end of the press event (8’49’’ in the video), McAleer is still sitting in the room, so clearly he wasn't removed by security
  • Schneider was agitated because he knows how McAleer quotemines and Schneider to refuses to say anything Mcaleer could take out of context by editing his interview. So in fact Scheider judged the situation well because taking things out of context is exactly what McAleer did.
It’s shocking to see Not Evil Just Wrong is still presenting the manipulated video.

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