Friday, 12 November 2010

Le populisme climatique

Stéphane Foucart le populisme climate rechauffement Claude Allegre
Le Monde journalist Stéphane Foucart just published the book Le populisme climatique in which he has a look at the roots of climate scepticism and the role of industry funded think thanks.
While he does have a look at the international network, he also focuses on the two best known climate sceptics in France, Claude Allègre & Vincent Courtillot, pointing out the errors they make. Foucart also addresses the different –gate affairs of the past year.
In a way, the interesting book is a French version of the English books Merchants of doubt and Climate Cover Up. If you speak French and haven’t read those two books, i can highly recommend this new book.
There’s a preview here (of course also in French)

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