Thursday, 5 March 2015

Report: The Tobacco Institute's 1 million dollar 'economists network' - Over 100 U.S. economics professors recruited by the Tobacco Institute

The only reason not to conclude the economists in the report I wrote were not corrupt, would be I don't know the American juridical system.

Last December I stumbled on a document in the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library proving American economists earned $3.000 for writing pro-tobacco op-eds. Little did I know I (re)discovered a $1 million network of 123 American economists professors recruited by the Tobacco Institute.

I found proof the economists were 
  • presenting canned testimonials at political hearings
  • "authoring" reports actually written by the tobacco industry
  • much more disputable activities
Attached is a short 15 p. summary report (and 5 appendixes). A lengthy full report soon will follow.

Tobacco Robert D. Tollison economists testimonials

Update: Erratum: Figure 18 belongs at the bottom of page 11 (instead of p. 18) 

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