Sunday, 28 December 2014

Aha, they earned 3.000 US$ per pro-tobacco op-ed

The  International Committee on Smoking Issues (ICOSI) was an informal group formed in 1977 by the seven of world's major tobacco companies to address the companies 'problem'  the health risks of tobacco could no longer be denied. 

A subcommittee of ICOSI was set up to alter global public opinion in favor of the tobacco industry. By 1984 Robert Tollison set up the organization Committee on Taxation and Economic Growth as tool to create a network allover the USA of industry friendly spokesmen, the so-called Economists' Network.

An internal Tobacco Institute document from 1985 explains (p. 73) Tollison's realationwith the industry: 
"Ogilvy & Mather (PR -firm) and Jim Savarese worked with Professor Robert Tollison in organizing an informal committee of economists from 42 states who have collectively and individually participated in activities on behalf of the tobacco industry in the areas of excise taxation and public smoking."
Positive Actions:
Organized a news service providing information on tax reform to small and mid-size newspapers around the country. The series consists of editorials and Q&As featuring economists from the Committee and members of other concerned organizations.
Thanks to the Legacy tobacco Documents Library the list of economists involved can be found here, and a few examples of such op-ed's can be found here.

David G. Tuerck Tobbaco Lobby
Example of op-ed, written by David G. Tuerck (source)

The op-ed's are pretty short and well, nothing impressive. Nevertheless, in 1990 the economists were paid 3.000 US$ per op-ed. In 1993, there was "Monster" tax op-ed project. 

Tobacco Lobby Economists' Network
Tobacco Institute Budget 1990

The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement was entered in November 1998, being probably the end of the Economists' Network.

Despite being an economist, David G. Tuerck currently serves as a 'global warming expert' at the Heartland Institute


  1. Pretty amazing stuff there. There is satisfaction is seeing what's been suspected by some of us actually documented and proven.
    All greeted with a great yawn, I'm sure.
    Does anyone care any more?

    Recently I've had to do some traveling and mingling among the masses and it's like they are not just clueless about the planet and processes that sustain our society - but, they couldn't careless. All the electronics and media feeds keep them on overload all the time.
    If it can't be summed it up in a 140 characters it's ignored as we rush forward.

    I heard tonight that a YouTubeVideo of some nine year old bouncing around her room to music made nearly half a billion views.
    While the coolest, most informative lectures and videos see "views" in hundreds, or a few thousands if they hit the big time.

    Where do we go from here?

  2. Luckily I stopped using tobacco about 7 years ago, and now I feel wonderful.
    About a week ago I stopped using coffee as well and now I feel even better.
    I workout every week and I look better and younger now.