Wednesday, 23 May 2012

‘It’s interesting how few people die from smoking’

Just ran across this interesting 2006 overview by Elizabeth E. Smith on the work of tobacco lobby tool ARISE (Associates for Research in the Science of Enjoyment), a group stating ‘tobacco is good for you because it gives you pleasure.:  ‘It’s interesting how few people die from smoking’
It’s good to remember some industries try to set up astroturf groups (or gives huge ammount of money to groups of people who are really confused) in a deliberate attempt to create controversy  over a scientific subject to confuse the public.


  1. If Elizabeth Smith thinks very few people die from smoking she is smoking some funny stuff. Tobacco mortality is over 20% of all deaths for males and climbing for females

  2. you should follow the link Eli, she's quoting David Warburton who was head of ARISE.

    And sure tobacco kills you, but at least you die as a happy person, at least if i interprete ARISE's message correctly.