Monday, 22 August 2011

The S. Fred coming to Belgium

S. Fred Singer climate change lobby funding lecture BelgiumAs you should know by know, S. Fred Singer is one of the most remarkable scientists alive. Remarkable, because he’s one of the most severe anti-science scientist alive, claiming science is wrong on the harmful effects of tobacco, asbestos, UV, climate change, … Well any subject you can think of really.
The SEPP-homepage mentions Singer will come to Belgium September 1-4.  As Singer is 86, it might be the last chance the man spreading his political driven  message of doubt. If you want to see anti-science at its best, i’d recommend to visit the talks he’s going to give. Do take a look at a presentation he gave a year ago or so, and notice just how embarrassing his message is.
Unfortunately, nor in  Belgian media nor on Belgian internet-sites, i’m able to  find any announcement of his visit. Anyone has an idea which place(s) he’s going to visit ???
People who haven’t read the book ‘Merchants of doubt’ yet and who are able to read French, can read this highly recommended text by Claude Henry :  Incertitude scientifique et incertitude fabriquée.


  1. He'll also be in the Netherlands, your dear friend Hans Labohm is already excited....

  2. It's no wonder he's exited to see his old friend again, who tought him everything about the power of spreading doubt, and with whom he traveled several times through Europe :)