Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Joshua Livestro hired by the Sarah Palin campaign

In the Dutch blogosphere lots of attention was given to the fact Joshua Livestro was hired by the Sarah Palin political action campaign and i’m afraid this may not have been the best move.
All over Holland Joshua Livestro is considered to be a bit of a professional loser :
  • Livestro was director of the conservative Edmund Burke Foundation, but he got kicked out because , quote Burke ‘Livestro’s communications skills haven’t entered the 21st century’. The Burke foundation basically collapsed when new Director B.J. Spruyt did no longer want corporate money to dictate the Foundation’s agenda.
  • He was columnist for the Dutch TV program ‘Buitenhof’ but was sacked because his work was substandard
  • He started the anti-intellectual blog ‘De Dagelijkse Standaard’ but all his bloggers (except Hans Labohm) ran away before the blog even was online and Livestro had to look on internetforums for people wanting to fill his blog. Currently, the America-section on DDS is written by Michael van der Galliën, a guy who was mocked all over (including far right blogs like Het Vrije Volk which calls DDS an “hysteria-blog”) when writing Obama’s election would bring the USA on the brink of a civil war.
  • Livestro’s only DDS article on climate change wasn’t well received and the comments were rather harsh : “embarrassing” “written by a 12-year old?”, etc.
The well-read Dutch site ‘GeenStijl’ announced the news of Livestro’s appointment under the title “Torture blogger joins Palin’s team’. Livestro earned the nickname ‘torture blogger’ for saying the photos depicting detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib to him resembled a frat party and that CIA’s practices of interrogation were milder than student hazing.
Joshua Livestro Sarah Palin De dagelijkse standaard laughter

If Sarah’s campaign directors were trying to alienate the Dutch audience they did a good job because in Holland the news of Livestro's appointment did little more than provoking a lot of laughter.

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