Thursday, 11 November 2010

French Academy of Sciences refutes Claude Allègre’s book The climate Imposter

Earlier this year former French minister Claude Allègre published the error-loaded book The Climate Imposter ( L'Imposture climatique). A few of the errors and things Allègre just made up were adressed on Realclimate and another rebuttal in French can be found here. And on the site of Le Monde there's the members only Le cent-fautes de Claude Allègre (Allègre's 100 mistakes)

As the book was so wrong and the language used so denigrating (a few examples), more than 500 French scientists signed a letter asking Science Minister Valérie Pécresse to disavow Allègre's book by publicly expressing her confidence in French climate science.

As a result Minister Valérie Pécresse asked the French Academy of Sciences to organise a scientific debate. September, 12 more than 120 French and international scientists gathered and discussed several aspects of climate science.

Two weeks ago the results were published in the report Le Changement Climatique (in French). The conclusions are :

  • Several independent indicators show an increase in global temperatures in the period 1975-2003
  • This increase is mainly caused by raising CO2-concentrations
  • The increase in CO2, and to a smaller extent for some other GHG’s, is caused by human activities
  • This is a threat for our climate (and oceans as it causes acidification)
  • Decreased solar activity cannot explain the increased temperatures for the period 1975-2003

The academy accepted the report unanimously and signed by all members, including Claude Allègre himself. In a reaction Allègre stated that his positions did not change though and that he still thinks the role of CO2 has not been demonstrated. But that he sees the report as a compromise as the report adopts his personal visions. Which is a bit of strange reaction, as the report did not adopt his visions at all.

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