Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Both in Belgium and Holland elections will be held this month. Yet in both countries the climate topic seems to be rather absent on the political agenda for the moment.
Nevertheless the Dutch anti-nuclear energy platform WISE made an inventory of the viewpoint on climate change of the different Dutch political parties and their approach the subject. The result is given on the website Klimaatkeuze (“climate choice”, Dutch only).

WISE sent 11 questions to the parties and the resulting answers are given on the homepage of Klimaatkeuze. Except for the PVV-party of Geert Wilders as they decided to not cooperate in the project.
On climategate.nl, vocal PVV-supporter Hajo Smit thinks the overview-table with an empty column for the PVV indeliberately summarizes the party’s viewpoint :
“the Blanco column of PVV is the perfect symbolism of what this party is all about : "there is no climate crisis, CO2 isn’t a threat, there’s no need for a specific policy”
The thermometer image at the right gives the evaluation WISE made of the different political programs : the lower the party name is on the agenda, the more they are willing to invest in the climate change issue. The red line at the bottom (just below SP) depicts the international 2°C rise target. As can be seen, only two Dutch parties have a program that aims to stay below this target !!

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