Wednesday, 16 June 2010

How easy it is to fool the media with invented research results

People voting for the liberal parties have more sex than people voting for the social democrats.
Neveneffecten data driven how easy it is to fool the media
It’s one example of “funny” research that was presented in the Flemish press during the last year. Another story learnt us that on election day there’s a correlation between the colour of the clothes people are wearing and the party they will vote for. Original source for these stories is the bureau Data Driven which for the past days has been flooding the Flemish media with the results of such trivial research. 
One catch : the bureau doesn’t exist nor does the underlying research.
Belgian TV production company Woestijnvis invented all those stories as a part of a new TV-program that hasn’t aired yet. The hoax was discovered today by the newspaper Het Belang van Limburg.  The first appearance of a fake report by Data Driven appeared on June 9 2009 or more than a year ago. 
It definitely tells you something about the reliability of news stories appearing in the media. 

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