Sunday, 6 June 2010

Earth is warming & the minds are heating

Jean-Marie Dedecker klimaatverandering Lijst Dedecker
The main topic of the Belgian elections of next week is the tensions between the Dutch speaking north and the French speaking south part. Officially the main issue is the Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde problem which is immobilizing the entire countries politics for three consecutive years already. Many people consider this to be a new episode in splitting the country and indeed i think politics have crossed the point of no return into the direction of separation.
The nationalist issues are getting nearly all the attention in the campaigns, while other serious topics (financial crisis anyone?) or the environment are getting neglected. Because of the elections campaign, the new book “Earth is warming and the minds are heating” of Jean Marie Dedecker received little attention.
Jean-Marie Dedecker is the leader of right-liberal Party Dedecker (LDD). Yes the party is named after himself. Jean-Dedecker in the past has been highly critical of environmentalism in general and climate science in specific in his book Recht(s) voor de raap. I have quoted the most relevant part of the book in the post Lijst Dedeckers view on Climate Change.
Dedecker wrote his new book after “extensive study” (reading 50 books) on the subjects of climate change and ecologism, things he calls “The new state religion”. Dedecker says :
We should stop listening to prophecies which, just like 2000 years ago, announce the end of the world. We’re not Jehovah's witnesses, are we?
TV-program Phara had an interview (in Dutch) with Dedecker (Is ecologisme een nieuwe religie?'>video) in which he’s talking about the “Climate Vatican”, “Mass Hysteria” and “Psychosis” without being able to give any substantial support for those hollow words. Besides a lot of nagging, Dedecker uses embarrassing arguments like Climate changed before.
The conservative newspaper De Standaard summarized the general feeling Dedecker’s book ‘Earth is warming & the minds are heating’ provoked in Belgium by making a wordplay in an article about the book-launch titled “Earth is warming and Dedecker evaporates”. Indeed, only two years after his huge electoral success, hardly anyone seems to care any more about Jean-Marie Dedecker, his party LDD or the books he writes.
Or as Geert Lambert, senator for SLP writes : The discourse of Dedecker got stuck in the past (in Dutch). Of course, Hans Labohm sees things differently and thinks Dedecker’s view will have some influence in Belgian politics. Once again Hans isn’t able to distinguish what he would want to from what is reality.
Meanwhile 1700 people joined the Facebook group “Dedecker zou beter zijn muil houden over ecologie” (loosely translated : It would be wiser if Dedecker would just keep his mouth shut about ecology)

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