Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Affairs analysis on climate change

vignet_stempotlood_271260hI don't know if there exists something similar in Belgium (if you know about it, please let me know) but with the upcoming elections the Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) wrote a report (in Dutch, pdf 218p.) in which they make an evaluation of what would be the effects on economy & environment of the political program of the different Dutch political parties.

The graph below shows how much the reduction in Greenhouse Gasses (Mton CO2 eq) would be for the different Dutch political parties.

The bar with highest reduction of course belongs to the Green-Left party (GL) while the lowest reduction is associated with the PVV of Geert Wilders and the right wing liberal party VVD.
Pre-election polls predict the winners of the elections tomorrow will be the two parties (PVV & VVD) that will insufficiently respond to the climate issue. The distortion of the Dutch Climate skeptics around the Klimatosoof & Climategate.nl (Theo Richel, Hans Labohm, Hajo Smit, Rypke Zeilmaker, Marcel Crok, etc) has proven to be successful.

An event like De Groene Rekenkamer’s “National Degreening Day” [sic] probably did have an impact on the politicians present that day, being Helma Neppérus (VVD) and Richard De Mos (PVV), both member of the Dutch Parliament.

And, this is the sad part, both Neppérus & De Mos are responsible for environmental issues within their respective parties. Or how poor understanding of science of a few people can have a gigantic impact on a country’s politics.


edit The color codes mean :

  • blue = renewable
  • red = energy sector
  • green = traffic
  • yellow = other

h/t Bart Verheggen


  1. Well, after the elections, it seems that we will not be reaching our goal to reduce CO2 significantly.

    I'm sorry about this and I'm ashamed for my country.

    Rgds - B

  2. Buth VVD and PVV are nuclear energy advocates which implies a huge CO2 reduction.
    Something must be wrong in the calculation.

  3. @Hans Erren,

    If a calculation does not follow your preconceived ideas, it must be wrong? In the report it is specifically stated that the CO2 reduction by nuclear power is taken into account. But because they stop the subsidies on renewable energy the net result is negative. You can just read it in the report.

    Indeed, nuclear power could help, but if you then reduce renewables, what are you trying to achieve?

  4. "If a calculation does not follow your preconceived ideas, it must be wrong?"

    That is the avant-garde definition of 'skepticism' indeed.

    The Dutch election results are shameful.

    As George Orwell would say:
    All pigs are free, but some are more free than others.