Thursday, 6 May 2010

Belgium’s fifth national communication on Climate Change

Three years after the latest publication, a new full update of Belgium’s climate policy has been published with the fifth national communication on climate change (En Français, In het Nederlands)
The report gives an overview of these topics :
  • Inventory of emissions of greenhouse gasses and projections until 2020 (see also : Belgium’s greenhouse gas inventory 1990-2007)
  • Research
  • Education, training  and public awareness
  • Vulnerability-assessment on climate change impacts
it’s an interesting introduction to what’s going on in the country. Unfortunately the Belgian policy isn’t overambitious and the current political instability on the Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde conflict  in Belgium makes it nearly impossible to have a decent national policy. Luckily the regional governments have the autonomy to have a policy on it’s own but of course on the international level it’s the federal government which should take the leading role. For the time the country lasts that is. 

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