Thursday, 5 November 2009


Science demotivational


  1. Is this perhaps referring to the upside down use of the Tiljander varve dataset by Mann?

  2. Why not to McIntyre's use of a divergent data set (Schweingruber) ?

  3. Oblomovska, do you have any peer review article from McIntyre proving his point ?

    His weekly dicovery of yet another new complot is getting rather boring.

    I do find it strange Hans Erren is copying yet another claim of McIntyre, one week after copying the supposed Briffa fraud.

    Looks like indeed some people will never learn...

  4. "Trust me, I'm a doctor" is not science.

    Juses, please help me out, which claim?
    Perhaps Peter Wadham's, based on the biased Catlin samples??

  5. hans,

    1) could you please point out where i'm using my PhD title as an argument of authority ?

    2) you tell me, i know you're referinng to something on that CA site. Do provide me peer review litterature please.