Thursday, 15 October 2009

International Blog Action Day on Climate Change

Today, october 15 is the annual international Blog Action Day with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. This years' topic is Global Warming. Check out the link to see how other bloggers are thinking about the subject.

For the Dutch speaking people i'd like to draw attention to a symposium in Brussels on October 26 organised by ARGUS, the environmental point set up by the belgian bank KBC.

Symposium, the Belgian EU-chairmanship : the climate is changing ?

Please note i'm not involved with the organisation, so if you have questions about the symposium please contact Argus.

And i'd like to conclude today's post with a little continuation on the accusation expressed by some climate skeptics that all "regular" science is corrupted as "scientists say whatever politicians want to hear because they are scared to loose their funding otherwise".

Besides this testimony of a skeptic denying this fear is the reality, another example falsifying this thought is an article (Dutch only, sorry) by Paul Luttikhuis demonstrating the Bush administration was trying to silence a report of the Environmental Protection Agency EPA.

Seems the EPA scientists weren't simply obeing the wishes of politics, were they ?

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