Thursday, 3 September 2009

Not exxon again

On De Dagelijkse Standaard blog, Hans Labohm wrote an article titled "don't tell us it's exxon again" in which he dismisses the criticism on many skeptcis that they are receiving money from Exxon as trivial as Exxon 'only' spent 20.000.000 US$ which isn't all that much. To be honest, i think giving 20.000.000 US$ to climate skepticism without getting any scientific revenue IS a lot of money

An article on the website in the side adresses the funding of Labohm himself :
One of the websites Labohm often publishes on ( is sponsored by Exxon and several car manufacturers. Doesn't this discredit his reliability ?

Labohm : "no of course not, for my articles i receive a fee like is normal for scientific articles"
TechCentralStation is a free-market website where all sort of very lowbrow climate denialism was publised by the same couple of climate skeptics appearing again and again in different astroturf groups.

The fact Labohm writes an article in defense of Exxon does raise a couple of questions :
  • Scientists normally don't get paid for their papers. Why does Labohm gets a fee for what he writes ?
  • Labohm says he get "a normal fee" : which amount of money are we talking about ?
  • Isn't the article on DDS in defending Exxon a case of "don't bite the hand that feeds you" ?
Any comments ? Hans ?

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