Monday, 28 September 2009

$50,000 space program Congo launch (en Français)

Scientific research in Africa ain't always easy.

No way Nasa could do better for this budget.


  1. Please Jules I cannot wait till your comment on Briffa!

  2. i'm a little unsure how your comment relates to the Congolese space program.

  3. I am just curious what's your opinion about the news on Briffa and my comment has nothing to do with the Congolese space program. I just could not find anaother spot to react that quick:-)

  4. As usual McIntyre is making strong claims, while his "evidence" doesn't support them.

    Witht he available information, in my opinion it's impossible to make any judgment.

    I think it's worrying an unsupoorted claim can spread so quickly without receiving any criticism on some well known blogs.