Monday, 3 August 2009

The rules

Often you can see a climate skeptic inventing some sort of rules rules scientific proof has to fulfill before he/she accept global warming is a reality. Of course, the rules are set in such a way they can never ever be fulfilled. This inspired the Larvatus Prodeo blog to write one of the funniest posts i've read in a mighty long time.

1) Nothing that was recorded by instruments such as weather-stations, ocean buoys or satellite data. Since all instruments are subject to error, we cannot use them to measure climate.

2) Nothing that has been corrected to account for the error of recording instruments. Any corrected data is a fudge. You must use only the raw data, which is previously disqualified under rule #1. Got that? OK, moving along…

3) Nothing that was produced by a computer model. We all know that you can’t trust computer models, and they have a terrible track record in any industrial, architectural, engineering, astronomical or medical context.

4) Nothing that was researched or published by a scientist. Such appeals to authority are invalid. We all know that scientists are just writing these papers to keep their grant money.

Continue reading here. Great work.

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