Thursday, 20 August 2009


For the upcoming three weeks my job has priority over everything including blogging, but there's some quickies that deserve a mention :

Anthony Watts eats dust
About a month ago, climate skeptic Anthony Watts tried to censor a clip on youtube which had a closer look at Watts

Peter Sinclair, the man behind the excellent Denial crock of the week clips on youtube filed a counternotice, and youtube decided to reinstate the clip. Sinclair explains what happened after Watts filed his claim in an email published on desmogblog.

Big Oil still astroturfing
A leaked memo from the American Petroleum Institute which landed on Greenpeace's desk shows Big Oil is still up to their usual tactics of astroturfing and fake grassroots behavior. Desmogblog again with some more backgrounds

Nieuwe Klimaatblog in het Nederlands
Niet geheel nieuw omdat Ben Lankamp er al mee begon in 2008, maar nu heeft hij na een lange stilte de draad terug opgenomen. Een bezoekje waard.


  1. DO you happen to know of:
    Frans W. Sluijter
    Professor, Department of Applied Physics
    Eindhoven University of Technology
    Former Chair, Plasma Physics Division, European Physics Society
    Former Vice President, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
    Member Dutch Physical Society, Institute of Physics UK

    He signed up for the APS Petition, but he's a new name for me.

  2. I don't know too much of him as I never really focussed on the man, but i did meet his name before as Sluijter is member of the advisory board of De Groene Rekenkamer (DGR), the organisation i am having a closer look at right now in my series the roots of Dutch climate skepticism. The intro of the series can be found (here ).

    There's still more to come in that series, but to be honest i do have to say i didn't meet Sluijters name very often (then again as said i never focussed on him either). He did publish an article in a Dutch magazine SPIL which is the place where Dutch skeptics publish the things they consider to be their more "serious" works. Then i'm talking about people like Hans Labohm or Arthur 'earth hasn't warmed for 4 years now' Rörsch, and some others belonging to DGR.

    Sluijter is an emeritus since 2001. He's HEAVILY pro-nuclear energy, which will come as no surprise given his academic background. He's a very vocal opponent of wind-power and building wind-mills.

    In his article (in dutch) in SPIL he writes an article against the use of windmills on land. Despite the subject, it's titled : "the position of the State : for or against it's civilians?'

    i'm translating (very summarizing) some key sentences of his SPIL-article :

    [after plans to put them in the north sea], political pressure grows to start building windmills on land also (...) Minister Cramer apparantly is horrified by the thought of building new nuclear plants and at the same time can't prevent new coal-powerplants from being built. That's why he's so interested in CCS.

    (...) after some complaining about government porpaganda :
    everybody [governmentlike] will come to explain, not only how you can save the world by building windmills on land, but mainly how to make civilians accept your saviour, either "friendly or the hard way"
    [they'll even explain] how a local community, with one or two windmills, can stabilise the climate.

    The fact you can get the same amount of electricity, but then in a realible way and on command, can be established by one nuclear plant is probably something none of them ill mention.
    And that, if you're worried about CO2, you could think about a nuclear plant then will probably be considered 'swearing in church' by the targetgroup of the study-day

    He also did write a comment on the news Toyota starts building a car powered by hydrogen.
    he writes : What they don't mention is that the H is made from ethane and this produces CO2. The only efficient way to produce H is thermolysis, with the heath coming from a nuclear reactor.

    I think it's pretty clear what drives him. At least for a change it's not free-marketism :-)

  3. Thanks much, that really helps.
    Quite a few signers of the APS petition are nuclear, but the odd thing is:

    a) If someone is a nuclear power fan, they should be all for recognizing AGW.

    b)But, it seems that they may have a long-term association:

    - environmentalists didn't like nuclear plants

    - environmentalists accept what climate scientists say about AGW

    - therefore climate scientists are wrong.
    [I have seen quotes essentially like that]

    c) But given that people like James Hansen or Barry Brook think there may well be a role for nuclear power (especially 4th Gen, if that can be made to work), it just seems like a weird holdover.

  4. if there's one thing i've noticed about Dutch climate sceptics, is they often seem to have roots in environmental scepticism in a totally unrelated field. It seems it brings them in dismissing anything environmental. There'll be some examples in some upcoming posts.