Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Vrind 2009

On a regular basis, the Flemish government investigates how its policy impacts life in Flanders, by looking at socio-economical indicators, sustainability, by looking at what people actually think themselves, etc.

Today, the Studiedienst van de Vlaamse Regering (an administration with as a main focus inventerising all sorts of data on which a policy can be based) published the Vrind 2009 report

Chapter 11 of the report deals with environmental issues, such as climate change (p364) :

The emission of GHG's in Flanders decreased from nearly 87 Mton CO2-eq in 1990 to 80,7 Mton-eq in 2007, a decrease of nearly 7,2% compared to the reference year 1990.

Emissions of GHG's in 2007 for the first time are lower than the Kyoto-targets
The figure below presents the evolution of GHG-emissions since 1990 for the six most important gasses (CO2, CH4, N2O, HFC’s, PFC’s & SF6)

Splitting the emissions per sector show that the explosive growth of road-traffic caused the emissions for the transport sector to increase significantly, yet it's still below the target forseen in the climate policy plan 2006-2012.

All other sectors show a status-quo or a decrease in emissions, with a whopping 13% decline for the industry, most noteably because of the reduction of N2O-emissions. With a 30,8 Mton CO2-eq, the industrial emissions are far below the 2010 target of 37,5 Mton CO2-eq.

This proves that the frequent heared criticism that GHG emission-regulations will kill our industry isn't necessarily correct.

The reports final chapter 14 compares the Flemish environmental performance with some similar European regions.

The figure below depicts the evolution of the emission of the six GHG's mentioned above, compared to the evolution in Flanders (VL, red line)

Despite the fact the Flemish GHG-emissions for the first time are below Kyoto-targets, the image clearly shows our area isn't performing well compared to similar areas. Therefore it's way to early for the Flemish government to sit back and relax.

The regions to which Flanders (VL) compared itself are :

BAW : Baden-Württemberg, Germany
SAC : Sachsen, Germany
IDF : Île-de-France, France
LOM : Lombardia, Italy
YOR : Yorkshire and the Humber, UK
DEN : Denmark
NL : the Netherlands
SLO : Slovenia
CAT : Cataluña, Spain
AUA : Aust-Agder, Norway
WAL : Wallonia, Belgium

images :
image 1 : Vrind 2009, p 365
image 2 : Vrind 2009, p427

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