Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The video Anthony Watts wanted to be censored

The excellent Climate Denial Crock of the Week series (i referred to the videos earlier in a post demonstrating how the lobby uses misleading graphs in an attempt to fool the audience) ran another excellent new YouTube video which demonstrates that Mr watts surfacestations project, unlike what sometimes is claimed, did not prove temperature records to be unreliable.

The Video also shows that Mr Watts is linked to a free-market thinkthank which passed on this blog many time before : the heartland institute.

In an unprecedented attempt to censor his critics, Anthony Watts demanded Youtube to take down the video on the grounds of the bizarre claim it would violate copyrights. Climate Progress runs the story.

Below is the video Anthony Watts does not want you to see. Guess why.

UPDATE : Anthony Watts on his blog presented his vision on the issue. And Greenfyre is the first to make the effort to response to Watts' post and demonstrates Mr Watts doesn't really adress the subject and is mainly trying to distract his readers..

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