Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Great Global Warming Swindle : unraveling the lobby and the flaws

As you might remember, earlier this week i had a closer look at the scientists listed on wikipedia as scientists opposing mainstream visions on climate change. I did mention that a remarkably higher number of them is affiliated with the George C. Marshall Institute.

On Youtube (cut into several pieces, the first part is just an intro), there's a brilliant documentary by the Australian Broadcasting Corporations having a closer look Martin Durkins documentary. Guess which conservative right wing thinkthank immediately gets mentioned ? Indeed...

The documentary gives a brilliant insight of how a certain lobby is trying to fool the audience. Classic cherry-picking material. It also adresses some of the most common heard arguments by skeptics. This simply is must see material !!!

The next parts can be found beneath the widget

the other parts are a studio debate and are maybe a little less interesting. Well, you know where to find them if you really wqant to see them.


  1. Pity there was such a large Lyndon Larouche delegation in the audience, stealing most of the discussion part. The organizers should have taken care to give real people a better chance to ask questions.

  2. ...and the question of C14 presence in coal, proving that it cannot be millions of years old (as the half-life of C14 is under 6000 years) was a real evolution denialist talking point! None of the panel members were apparently familiar with it -- and why should they.

    See this for the goods.