Friday, 1 May 2009

Quote of the day

Together, the cartoon and this comment (#2) by a user called "ratio" on the libertarian site vrijspreker imho summarize the entire libertarian climate skepticism [my translation] :

(...) [those are invented climate] problems simply belonging to a natural cycle. Nothing can be done to stop this natural cycle.

Besides, even if the governement would have a "plan" that really works and this plan would cost us only 1€, the plan still will be unacceptable. Because even this Euro will be a stolen Euro.


  1. Not all libertarians are as dogmatic:

  2. TokyoTom:

    "the richer people are worse off than they would be if the [pollution] tax had been imposed -- they are actually poorer in a well-being sense as opposed to a monetary sense."

    Indeed, I wish more people would understand this point. Many net.skeptics seem to have this idea that wads of cash are more important than the availability of clean air, food, and water.

    -- bi

  3. Frank, most of these people I think rightly have a beef with the frequent mis-use of government policy.

    But rather discussing their concerns, they allow themselves to be blinded to the fact that markets only work properly for assets that are owned (owners typically have an interest in protecting the asset; if not they can be bought out by better owners), and simply ignore the fact that the atmosphere and oceans are not owned (indigenous people, when they have title, aren`t able to protect tropical forests, and governments prefer to look away in order to let elites pilfer).

    Also, the skeptics complete ignore the environmental "Kuznets curve" (see discussions at my blog), and that environmental efforts are led by the wealthy, not people out to destroy civilization.

    Have you got an email, BTW?

  4. TokyoTom:

    You can reach me at es0dm3l02 sneakemail com.

    -- bi