Sunday, 31 May 2009

NON Theo Richel - the broadcast itself

As written earlier today, Dutch climate skeptic Theo Richel was appearing in a weird Dutch TV-show. I have to say, it was an interesting broadcast.

This are the topics i had to go through awaiting Theo Richel :

Theo Richel Klimatosoof rooster crowing
1) a Rooster crowing contest : Put a couple of roosters on a row, each one in a separate box. The aim of the contest is to make one of the roosters crow. The first one to produce a sound, wins. To encourage the roosters they walk with a hen in front of them.

As the animals during the broadcast didn't produce any sound, the guy in the studio was encouraging them by crowing himself. Without luck.

telephone question :
-do they give the roosters drugs to perform better ?
-yes viagra

2) mathman : the claim to faim of a man who actually didn't do any special maths. But he did show Pythagoras by request. And he did give the correct answer to the question : how much = 2 x 13 (twenty-six !)

3) the homeless DJ (click here for the youtube clip of last week's episode in which he already appeared)

4) Some Improvisation theater. At least I think i was.

5) Klimatosoof Theo Richel, who lasted about 1.30 minutes in which he had the time to say global warming is a conspiracy, answer a call and mention Al Gore.

Theo by far had the shortest act of the evening. Which brings the whole climate debate back into the right perspective i suppose. People are more interested in watching an old man trying to make a rooster crow than into climate skepticism.

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