Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The heartland conference 2009

Heartland Institute conference global warming climate change
On the Dagelijkse Standaard blog, Hans Labohm meanwhile is promoting the Heartland 2009 conference on climate change.

In a text in which he calls the IPCC conclusions politicised, Hans concludes (my translation) :

[there's ] enough reliable and thrustworthy information on the internet. The best and most recent information these days is coming from the Heartland Institute's climate conference in New York.
Of course there's an internal conflict in Hans' words : while complaining IPCC is politicised, the institute Labohm claims to be neutral is ... a right wing think thank covering a very small and specific area in the political spectrum.

Even without any knowledge of climate science, everyone should be able to see that his claim has a very prominent smell of double standards.

A while ago i wrote a small post on the heartland institute, including a few words on the conference they held last year and on how they abused the name of honest scientists. I did mail with Hans on this quote-mining, but it seems he doesn't seem to mind. Which is not a surprise, as Hans Labohm is affiliated with Heartland.

A nice roundup on the 2009 conference including lots of links to other useful sources can be found on Greenfyre : Heartland Comedy Revue returns.

Desmogblog has a lot of more info showing Heartland is probably the worst possible source to get climate change information from.

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