Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ticap conference - final words

Meanwhile the TICAP-conference is taking place right now without the authorities arresting or beating up all participants.

Unfortunately the conference is held without the German Günter Ropohl who cannot attend as he's unable to travel to Brussels because ... he's not allowed to smoke on the train or airplane !

Ropohl writes :
Günther Ropohl TICAP tobacco libertarianism
Günther Ropohl
Smokers already are inhibited from protecting their constitutional rights through such efforts as attending an event like this conference. As far as I enjoy smoking I am not allowed to travel by plane or railway, and I am not allowed to visit public facilities for eating and drinking unless I am willing to forsake smoking. If I want to travel I am prevented from smoking by excessive bans. So while I would like to support my right to continue smoking by attending the conference, I would be forced to give up this right just at this very occasion.

i wonder if people working for railroad and airplane companies agree with him


  1. I attended the Conference and am proud to have done so!!

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  3. “The Workshop on Taxation and Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products has been organised by the Smokefree Partnership along with its partners and the Association of European Cancer Leagues. The workshop received an unrestricted educational grant from Novartis and Pfizer.”

    Opening remarks given by Florence Berteletti-Kemp, Smokefree Partnership.

    Tell me now Mr Klimaat how is this not double standards??

  4. So jules, is this a thin veiled attempt of a guilt by association fallacy?

    Why else would you write something about smoking on a climate blog?

  5. Evidently Hans has never been browned in a bar. Eli and Ms. Rabett really appreciate being able to have a drink without running through the carwash afterwards.

  6. he has Eli just he doesnt believe the same junk science as fact as you do.