Monday, 26 January 2009

Oh lord

Apparantly, still being convinced that despite the many errors in the past he is absolutely right, the infamous Lord Monckton started 2009 with publishing yet another paper in which he's 'proving' that ' the alarmists' are wrong.
Lord Christopher Monckton global warming
Lord Monckton
the very first paragraph reads : The scare: On 2 January 2009, the Wall Street Journal wrote one of a series of articles apparently co-ordinated throughout the generally alarmist news media throughout the holiday season, trying to overcome the problem posed for “global warming” alarmists by the fact that global mean surface temperatures have been on a downtrend for eight straight years
Drawing 8 year cherry-picked trendlines while not mentioning the known natural variability factors associated with them has nothing to do with science. This is basic knowledge. Therefore reading the very first paragraph is enough to know the paper is no good..

The paper was published by astroturfgroup SPPI. Given the fact the personel list contains lots of prominent names in the denialosphere, i wonder how on earth it's possible not one of them halted the paper. One would start to think SPPI is not about science ?



  1. More Monckton fun, thanks to the NZ Climate 'Science' Coalition. Features Monckton claiming that he is About To Sue Al Gore Real Soon Now (again), and also one of the best graphs ever.

  2. nice one.

    i'm starting to think even the skeptics just keep him for his amusement value.

    Meanwhile the "hot topic" blog has a devastating look at a graph Monckton uses in his paper. The conclosiun is ... flabbergasting.

  3. and how right he is!!