Sunday, 30 November 2008

Carbon Capture & Storage in the Netherlands.

Earlier this week, the Dutch ministry VROM (responsible, among other things, for the environmental policy), in a combined effort with the ministry of economy, released a press release that they'll spend no less than 60 million € for two CO² underground storage pilot projects in the Netherlands.

The aim as stated in the press realease is clear :
The aim was to develop two separate projects each enabling at least 2 million tons of CO2 to be stored over a maximum ten-year period. The state will pay for each tonne of CO2 stored.

The first selected project is designed by Shell Holland. The company has created a website (Dutch only) which explains their plans in Barendrecht. The FAQ could be interesting for who wants to learn some more on the subject. This pdf (Shell brochure, Dutch only) also gives a nice overview of what sequestrion is all about.

The second pilot comes from a consortium called GTI Zuidoost, which according to my information, will look for the storage possibilities in abandonned mining facilities in the province of (Dutch) Limburg.

Even though personnally i'm not convinced CCS is the answer to comabt AGW, as a geologists i'm very interested in what the results of the projects will be. Yet, to really decrease CO2-levels in the atmosphere, i'm convinced there's only one possible route to follow : decrease emissions.

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