Friday, 29 August 2008

Similarities between denialism of evolution and climate change

On internetfora, more than once i've expressed the feeling that in my opinion, there's a striking ressemblance between the two non-related topics. The ressemblance being the way non-believers are arguïng for not having to accept the scientific reality. Remarkably, a Dutch blogger whom's focus is evolution, came to this exact same conclusion.

His post reads as the basics of understanding climate change denialism. The text (in Dutch !) can be found here


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Now if only I could read Dutch better than by interpolating my (very good) English and my (very little and old) German ...

    Though my profession is the climate side, it was from the evolution side (Usenet's that I first noticed the crossover, not just in argumentation style, but in personnel. William Dembski, for instance, best known for his Intelligent Design Creationism, is also a climate change pseudo-skeptic.

    It's also interesting to see Korthof (sp?) drawing the link. I know him for his web site which includes links to non-mainstream ideas about evolution. Non-mainstream can be interesting. Some even turn out to be correct. So I appreciate that service.

  2. In the unlikely event you wouldn't have heard about it yet, there's a thing called "bablefish" which gives automatic translations that are usualy good enough to understand 90% of what's written.

    you can find it p.ex. here

    i have to confess i had never heard about Korthof. In Belgium, creationism views don't really attract attention in mainstream media; unlike in Korthof's protestant Holland.