Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Quote of the day

De ganse klimaatdiscussie heeft overigens weinig mobilisatiekracht want uiteindelijk ligt niemand er echt wakker van om binnen tientallen jaren in een iets warmer klimaat te wonen

in English :

Lijst Dedecker klimaatverandering
Besides, the entire climate discussion doesn't mobilize too many people, because basically nobody really minds living in a warmer climate in a couple of decades anyway.

A quote found on the website of the Belgian political party Lijst Dedecker (LDD) and something one doesn't expect to be part of a political program.

I am preparing a post on Jean-Marie Dedeckers vision on climate change, but couldn't resist mentioning this one already.

The subtitle the party uses ('gezond verstand') translates as the thing every scientist fears coming out of the mouth of the layman : the threath to use "common sense" !

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