Sunday, 7 December 2008

Fun Quiz

Monte Heib global warming quizTo test your knowledge on the field of climate change, i can totally recommend Monte Heib's The global warming test.

It's the biggest piece of crap i've read in a very long time.

In only ten questions or so, the quiz gives an excellent overview on some of the most frequently used fallacies to miguide the audience. It's all about red herrings.

I wanted to make a post on the quiz, but coïncidentally i found out that the excellent Greenfyre blog today is having a closer look at it. Which saves me the trouble of doing the same thing.

This test is so poorly set up you'd think it fools noone, but i discovered the existence of it because in a discussion some sceptics used it as a "proof" AGW isn't harmfull. Which means the quiz manages to misguide some people, just as it's original aim was.

This piece pleased the American libertarian thinkthank The Heartland Institute so much they decided to host a copy of it. Which demonstrates Heartland isn't looking for scientific truth or a balanced honest view on the subject of climate change.

The animation shown here is used in the first version of the quiz that appeared on the net, in an attempt to misguide the public into linking present day warming with the end of the ice age (even though the animation stops 8000 years ago ...)

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