Friday, 20 June 2008

Arctisch ijs

Toch nog gauw dit meegeven uit Science express :
High-Resolution Greenland Ice Core Data Show Abrupt Climate Change Happens in Few Years

enkele quotes :

… abrupt shifts of northern hemisphere atmospheric circulation resulting in 2-4°K changes in Greenland moisture source temperature from one year to the next.

jawel, in één jààr tijd.

De conclusie is :
… polar atmospheric circulation can shift in 1-3 years resulting in decadal to centennial scale changes from cold stadials to warm interstadials/interglacials associated with astounding Greenland temperature changes of 10°K. Neither the magnitude of such shifts nor their abruptnesses are currently captured by state of the art climate models.

Laten we hopen dat het bij een mogelijkheid blijft en geen realiteit wordt.

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